Learning. Growing. Together.

Helping schools innovate, transform, and lead.

Learning. Growing. Together.

Helping schools innovate, transform, and lead.

by sllewis47


No matter how complex your situations, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.

Who We Are

A superintendent, an architect, and a school business manager decided to build an education consulting company. Since its beginning in 2010, Impact Education Group has grown and expanded its leadership, instructional, and operational support to meet the wide range of opportunities in today’s schools.

With company leadership committed to meeting the individual needs of schools, we strive to work in conjunction with our clients. We believe “One Size Fits One.”  We strive to be partners with schools and districts in making better schools.

Our Approach

We base our approach on the team concept, emphasizing collaboration at every level. We understand that a school district and its advisors must desire the same outcomes. The best results are those achieved through a coordinated effort.

We develop an understanding of the current needs of the school district. We integrate our expertise and experience with each district’s needs to produce meaningful solutions.

The Impact team is a group of professionals in the education arena who are dedicated to improving schools and increasing student achievement. Our team has expertise ranging from the classroom, school administration, district administration, and district operations. We share a common commitment in seeing the best in every student.

We understand our role as coaches, and we seek to model the proven elements of instructional improvement in our own teaching. If we expect certain actions from effective teachers, then we should display those same attributes in our training activities.


Our mission is to collectively IMPACT teaching and learning in today’s educational environment.

Schools count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.