Learning. Growing. Together.

We define our Impact by your results.

Learning. Growing. Together.

We define our Impact by your results.

by sllewis47


We are honored when the people we serve speak highly of our work. Here are just a few examples of what they said.

The EPIC Learning Lab experience provided a way for school leaders to hear from knowledgeable professionals, as well as other schools. I enjoyed the collaboration that was allowed among participants.

Tara White

EPIC inspired me to become a vocal person in my group and my leadership team. EPIC helped me realize that my thoughts were important and they should be vocalized.

Rachelle Holston

The best money we have spent on professional development for the instructional leaders of our schools. A great program in which to grow your assistant principals into principal candidates.

Alan Lumpkin

EPIC is great training for anyone who is or is planning to be a school leader.

Kim Williams

Fantastic Instructors!! EPIC training has made me a better instructional leader and school facilitator.

Jennifer Teal

The true collaboration that transpires through EPIC gives every participant a network of instructional leaders that can last a lifetime.

Shari Franklin

This process allowed us to come together and work collaboratively in a well-facilitated meeting. The guidance and support offered by Impact Education Group allowed us to create a living document that will guide us as a district to be successful.

Strategic Planning Key Stakeholder Group Member


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